Tarot Boot Camp Astro Forecast ~ July 9 – July 15, 2017

Astro ForecastWeekly Astro Forecast for July 9 – July 15:

Your Weekly Astro Forecast starts on Sunday, July 9. The Full Moon occurs on July 9 in the zodiac sign of Capricorn at 4:06 AM. This energy sets the stage through June 15. Since the energies of the Moon will only decrease, weaken, and wane after this point, the Full Moon is the time to either celebrate or to abandon the path that has failed to serve you. The seed you planted during the New Moon phase has grown and blossomed or remained stunted and miserly.

Mars (the troublemaker) Inconjuncts Saturn Rx (restrictions) at 10:08 AM UTC. You need to stay disciplined today, but do not try to control the situation or you might end up going backwards and experiencing delays or frustrations.

Monday, July 10. The Full Moon begins void-of-course at 2:12 AM (Greenwich Time) in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. You might be thinking about your goals, or feel overwhelmed with what you need to get done. You need to back off right now and start prioritizing what needs to get done and what you can push off to the corner for a later date.

The Sun (what you want) is in Opposition with Pluto Rx (power and transformation) at 04:35 AM UTC. The power is in your hands to transform your lifestyle but make sure you think things through before you take that leap of faith.

Meanwhile the Full Moon makes an ingress and finds its new home in the zodiac sign of Aquarius at 5:34 AM UTC. With the Moon in Aquarius, you might have a hard time making a commitment to something or someone right now.

Mercury (how the mind works) Sesquisuares Saturn Rx (restrictions) at 09:32 AM UTC. You might have a hard time thinking something through. Just be careful today and take a step back until the fog lifts.

Tuesday, July 11. No aspects, read Monday.

Wednesday, July 12. The Full Moon begins void-of-course at 12:40 PM (Greenwich Time) in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. You might decide to focus on your friends and social obligations.

Meanwhile the Full Moon makes an ingress and finds its new home in the zodiac sign of Pisces at 3:51 PM UTC. With the Moon in Pisces, you might have more sympathy for others. Just be careful you do not fall for a sob story and get used.

Thursday, July 13.  No aspect, read Wednesday.

Friday, July 14. Mercury (how the mind works) Sesquisquares Chiron Rx (the wounded healer) at 02:12 AM UTC. The memories of the baleful ghosts might be front and center today. Today is a good day to forgive and forget and move on so you are not carrying around the baggage of the past.

Mercury (how the mind works) Inconjuncts Neptune Rx (the spiritual awakener) at 06:19 AM UTC. You might have a hard time seeing something clearly or feel you are walking through the fog with no direction. Best to wait until the fog clears so you can see everything clearly.

The Full Moon begins void-of-course at 5.00 PM (Greenwich Time) in the zodiac sign of Pisces. You might feel the results of burning the candle at both ends, or you might have too many obligations, or you might have a hard time focusing on what needs to be done, or feel pulled in two different directions. Best to take a step back and make a plan that will work so you are not spinning your wheels.

Meanwhile the Full Moon makes an ingress and finds its new home in the zodiac sign of Aries at 11:52 PM UTC. With the Moon in Aries, you might say it the way you see it, or you might feel your temper emerging but it won’t last long and you will be off to something else.

The Sun (what you want) Inconjuncts Saturn Rx (restrictions) at 06:29 PM UTC. You might experience an obstacle or need to make a tough decision, stay on course and keep going until you see the finish line.

Mercury (how the mind works) Sextiles Jupiter (expansion) at 08:45 PM UTC. If you remain positive, you will be able to see the big picture today and know where you are headed, or you might make a big decision and use good judgement.

Saturday, July 15. Venus (wants, needs and desires) Semisquares Mars (the troublemaker) at 05:49 PM UTC. You might be tense today, or you might find yourself on a mission to achieve what you want, need and desire and go for it.

See you next week.

Tarot Boot Camp Weekly Astro Forecast:
July 9 – July 15, 2017



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