Tarot Boot Camp Astro Forecast ~ September 3 – September 9, 2017

Astro ForecastWeekly Astro Forecast for September 3 – September 9:

Your Weekly Astro Forecast starts on Sunday, September 3. Mercury Rx (how the mind works) Conjuncts Mars (the troublemaker) at 09:37 AM UTC. You might feel over-stimulated today, or you might feel on top of your game and make rapid progress.

Monday, September 4. No aspect today, read Sunday.

Tuesday, September 5. The First Quarter Moon begins void-of-course at 5:15 AM (Greenwich Time) in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. You might decide to take a look at your social obligations and make some adjustments.

The Sun (what you want) is in Opposition with Neptune Rx (the spiritual awakener) at 05:27 AM UTC. This is not a good day to make important decisions, rather it’s a day to lay low and think, or it’s possible that you may have an unusual dream and need to decode this dream because dreams bring important messages.

Meanwhile, the First Quarter Moon makes an ingress and finds its new home in the zodiac sign of Pisces at 5:28 AM UTC. With the Moon in Pisces, you might have more sympathy for others, just don’t fall for a sob story and let someone use you.

Venus (wants, needs and desires) Sesquisquares Chiron Rx (the wounded healer) at 08:38 AM UTC. It might be time to let go of personal or professional relationships that do not serve you well.

Mars (the troublemaker) enters the zodiac sign of Virgo at 09:34 AM UTC. You begin a new cycle and need to pay attention to details and get it right the first time. You might find yourself taking something to the extremes to get it done!

The Sun (what you want) Sesquisquares Uranus Rx (the awakener) at 11:24 AM UTC. You might feel restless and edgy today and have a hard time shaking this off.

Mercury (the planet associated with how you think, communicate, write, speak, learn and carefully analyze a situation) turns direct at 11:29 AM for the third time this year and we are almost out of the woods, one last shadow period to get through.

July 24 – Mercury pre-shadow period 28°Leo at 3:13 PM UTC.
August 13 – Mercury turns retrograde 11° Virgo at 01:00 AM UTC.
September 5 – Mercury turns direct 28° Leo at 11:29 AM UTC.
September 19 – Post shadow period ends 11° Virgo at 3:59 PM UTC.

I hope Mercury retrograde brought you a gift from the heavens. This Mercury retrograde period gave you a chance to do something over again, or gave you the opportunity to correct the mistakes you made. 

I also hope that you did not meet the trickster in disguise who brought unexpected snafus with: communication, travel, gossiping, unexpected messages, glitches related to the radio, phone, computer and internet, as well as local transportation glitches with cars, buses, planes, trains and writer’s block with your mind feeling clouded and stuck.

Mercury retrograde brings unusual weather patterns and Hurricane Harvey moved through the gulf state of Texas and dropped over 40 inches of rain and caused catastrophic flooding.

Venus (wants, needs and desires) Inconjunts Neptune Rx (the spiritual awakener) at 09:32 PM UTC. Today is not a good day to make any big changes because you might not see things clearly and end up making a mistake.

Wednesday, September 6. There will be a Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Pisces at 7:02 AM UTC. This energy sets the stage through September 12. Since the energies of the Full Moon will only decrease, weaken, and wane after this point, the Full Moon is the time to either celebrate or to abandon the path that has failed to serve you. The seed you planted during the New Moon phase has grown and blossomed or remained stunted and miserly.

Jupiter (expansion and luck) Sextiles North Node Rx (the future) at 03:45 PM UTC. Looks like the angels are watching over you right now and you might feel a bit of good luck coming your way.

The Full Moon begins void-of-course at 8:28 PM (Greenwich Time) in the zodiac sign of Pisces. You might feel more tired than usual, or you might be overdoing things because you have too many obligations. Today is a day to reflect on how you can make things easier on yourself.

Thursday, September 7. The Full Moon makes an ingress and finds its new home in the zodiac sign of Aries at 12:10 PM UTC. With the Moon in Aries, you might feel emotional about something, but it won’t last long because you will be on to something different.

Friday, September 8. Mars (the troublemaker) Sesquisquares Pluto Rx (power and transformation) at 11:27 AM UTC. You might feel a surge of energy today, just make sure you use this energy wisely because actions have consequences.

Saturday, September 9. Venus (wants, needs and desires) Inconjuncts Pluto Rx (power and transformation) at 07:22 AM UTC. You might feel more tension and express the way you feel today. Or you might feel more suspicious, or feel that something is hidden behind the scenes, or feel that someone has a hidden agenda, or you might feel disappointed with someone close to you. Avoid starting a new relationship, or pushing things too far today.

The Sun (what you want) Trines Pluto Rx (power and transformation) at 10:45 AM UTC. Today is a good day to focus on the positive and what you can achieve and get rid of all the negative energies that have been holding you back.

Tarot Boot Camp Weekly Astro Forecast:
September 3 – September 9, 2017


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