Tarot Boot Camp Astro Forecast ~ January 7 – January 13, 2018

Astro ForecastWeekly Astro Forecast for January 7 – January 13:

Your Weekly Astro Forecast. On January 8, the Third Quarter Moon occurs at 10:25 PM UTC in the zodiac sign of Libra. This phase of the Moon sets the stage through January 16 and heralds the moment to advance from and release the ties that bind us to the past. After reflecting on your accomplishments, you must accept that you have done everything that was possible for you. Now is the time to heal and become revitalized and to wisely plan your next move.

On January 11, Mercury enters the zodiac sign of Capricorn at 05:08 PM UTC and you start a new cycle of change to get organized. You might feel like the mountain goat on a mission, or you might change something about yourself, or you might need someone’s resume in front of you to accept what they have to say.

Sunday, January 7, 2018. MarsconjunctSaturn Mars (the troublemaker) Conjuncts Jupiter (expansion) at 00:38 AM UTC. Mars also Semisquares Saturn, Sextiles Venus, the Sun and Pluto, Squares South Node Rx and North Node Rx, Trines Neptune and Chiron. The planets give you the help you need to be successful, but don’t push the envelope and burn yourself out.

Tarot Boot Camp Weekly Astro Forecast:
January 7 – January 13, 2018


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